Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Few more artworks from college days!

This was my final year elective i.e illustration campaign.
I chose to do this campaign on forthcoming Beiging Olympics 2008.

Here I used 5 colors of Olympics rings for each hoarding, each color representing a theme; for example, Red for holy culture in china, Green for growth and sporting spirit, Blue for mystery and excitement, Black for strength and determination, Yellow for energy and positivity!

Through my illustrations I have suggested that the colors of Olympics have already started spreading all over China and the entire country is now prepared to welcome you to lit the Olympic torch.


Illustration and copy based advertising campaign for a romantic sea facing restaurant in Mumbai "Salt Water Grill', known for its beautiful ambiance and amazing location by the sea to make your evening perfect!
Tagline- 'a magical evening by the sea'


This was an ad campaign for 'Fevicol'.
I made a series of illustration based ads based on a tagline which said "Whatever you wish Fevicol will stick!"
After basic character designs on paper, all the execution was done on Adobe Illustrator and Corel. As all the visuals were humorous, I chose to give it a comic look.
I won 'Best conceptualization of the year' award for this campaign in the third year of my Applied art degree course.


Another college assignment - These are some of the artworks I did for an advertising campaign for Rajasthan Tourism. The idea was to take people close to the ethnicity of Rajasthan, bight colours and rich art culture of India. Hence, hand drawn images of things which depict rajasthani culture.

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  1. Just happened to come across this blog....and your works are really nice.
    Especially the Olympic wala illustrations are simply brilliants and so is the Karna's one !!
    Keep it up !
    - Arun